Guide Gratuities

This is probably the most frequently asked question. How much and to who?

How much: We suggest that the basis of 8 to 10% of hunt cost be considered depending upon the quality of the service.

To Whom: We at Snake River Outfitters have tried to make this one easy for our clients. Instead of asking our hunters to tip the cook x amount and the guide who is guiding you the first two days x amount and the guide who you happen to be with when you made your kill x amount, we have established a "tip pool."

Each hunter is responsible for adding $400 to this pool. This pool is then divided up equally by the management to each member of the staff. This includes cooks, guides and helpers. Then if you as a client feel that one of the staff has been imperative to your enjoyment and success during the hunt, then we encourage you to compensate that individual the difference between the $400 and 10% of the cost of the hunt.

It is understood that any monies paid in addition to the $400 for the tip pool is strictly voluntary and at the hunter's discretion.