SILVER MEDAL BUCKS - Base Cost $3,500

We only sell 10 of these hunts yearly. Most bucks in this category have a B&C score in the 160 to 170 range.

This hunt was designed to take advantage of the diverse age and genetic structure of the deer herd within the ranch, while satisfying the unique demands and goals of each individual client.

It is our intent to structure a hunt to provide you an opportunity to harvest a mature buck while allowing for both flexibility in both trophy quality and economics.

Silver medal hunts will begin with a base cost of $3,500.00 which allows a buck up to 160 inches to be harvested at no additional cost.

However unlike the bronze hunts, UPGRADES will be allowed for bucks to 185 inches, bucks that exceed the 160 inch standard may be harvested at HUNTERS discretion, for an additional fee of $250.00 per inch over the 160 standard.

This simply allows the hunter to make all decision of harvest, based on their individual situations.

Our main goal on this hunt is to harvest ONLY mature bucks that we feel have reached their maximum potential that have not nor will ever reach the standards of our platinum hunts.  NO BUCKS WILL BE HARVESTED ON THIS HUNT THAT THE GUIDE FEELS HAS PLATINUM POTENTIAL, SCORES OVER 180 OR HAS NOT REACHED AN ACCEPTABLE AGE.

All scores will be based on gross score of deer!