Slater Creek has been the mainstay of our operation for over 30 years, this portion of the operation consists of 42,000 acres.

The housing here is an older style ranch house, with 2 private bedrooms downstairs that sleep 2 clients and then a loft up stairs that sleeps up to 4 clients, we have literally entertained 1000’s of clients here. If the walls of this place could talk, the stories of elk, mule deer and antelope would keep a person awake for years!!!!!!!

In addition to the main house there is also a bunkhouse that can sleep up to 10 clients. Both these improvements are equipped with hot running water electricity and most modern conveniences.


I started running this place in the early 80’s at the age of 19 and in all those years I have never seen the harvest ever dip under 95% and the majority of those years this portion of the ranch achieved a 100% harvest rate on all species.

Due to this ranches sheer size and habitat controlled we can accommodate virtually every type hunter here, the ranch has a vast series of roads that intersects it borders, so we have several areas where we can get hunters close to the game herd without much physical exertion all that is required is a little patience’s .

However within the 42,000 acres there is a tremendous amount of habitat that requires physical exertion.

Both style of hunting here are very productive. If a person is worried about their physical abilities then this place has proven its ability to provide an excellent opportunity to harvest the species of your choice.

When not hunting Slater Creek, which runs right through the property, provides an excellent opportunity for some trout fishing.

In addition to Slater Creek, this ranch controls 7 miles of the Little Snake River and several ponds that are teaming with trout. Many clients believe that the fishing is absolutely worth the trip even if they didn’t hunt. This added feature is available for any of our clients regardless of which camp is booked, but it is literally out the door for the clients of this camp.