Pilot Knob covers over 6,000 acres of some the finest September/Early October bugle hunting in this area. Located on top of the continental divide this camp sets at approx. 9,000 feet in elevation, and is as scenic as any where that I have been in 35 years of hunting. This property controls the TOP OF THE WORLD and is about as good as it gets for bugling bulls. In 2014 this Camp had a 97% harvest rate on bull elk.

With the exceptional hunting and the beautiful scenery, comes some physical requirements from the hunter, the majority of this hunting is accessed by ATV or horseback. There are certainly areas within these boundaries where we can get close to the wildlife by vehicle, therefore allowing most hunters access without physical exertion, but there is also a tremendous amount of terrain that is considered rugged, and requires hunter to have the ability to access the hunting.


This camp has more of a wilderness type feel to it. The camp is warm and comfortable and is located right in the middle of the bugling bulls. Sleep at night can be difficult with bulls bugling out your door. This hunt is for the person who enjoys camp fires at night, and the feeling of a true wilderness adventure.

The improvements consist of 3 cabins and a cook house. The cabins serve as sleeping quarters for clients, with each cabin containing 2 bunk beds, therefore accommodating 2 to 4 hunters. Since we normally run groups of 6-8 in this camp it is normal for each of these cabins to house 2 hunters.
The cabins are equipped with propane lights and heaters; all electricity at camp is supplied by a propane generator, and is turned off nightly. The Slater and Elkhead/Northfork Camps are set up with most modern conveniences. Hunters there will occasionally watch football games on the weekends, there are no TV’s at the Pilot Knob Camp just great hunting with warm, dry, comfortable accommodations.